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Romantic Poetry

romantic-poetry1Heart Expression

Now we will feel no rain
For each of us will be shelter to each other.
And now we will feel no cold
For each of us will be warmth to each other.
Now there is no loneliness
We are two bodies, but there is one life before us and one home.
When evening falls, I?ll look to you and there you?ll be.
And I?ll take your hand and you?ll take mine
And we?ll turn together and we?ll look to the road we traveled to reach this?
The hour of our happiness.
It stretched far behind us, and our future lies ahead?
A long and winding road where every turning means discovery
All the hopes, new laughter, shared tears,
The adventure has just begun.

This too, will remain as one of my favorites in romantic poetry that I will treasure.

I hope that reading these poems have touched your life as they have touches mine.

The Frog Prince

In olden times when wishing still helped one, there lived a king whose daughters were all beautiful, but the youngest was so beautiful that the sun itself, which has seen so much, was astonished whenever it shone in her face. Close by the king’s castle lay a great dark forest, and under an old lime-tree in the forest was a well, and when the day was very warm, the king’s child went out into the forest and sat down by the side of the cool fountain, and when she was bored she took a golden ball, and threw it up on high and caught it, and this ball was her favorite play thing.

Now it so happened that on one occasion the princess’s golden ball did not fall into the little hand which she was holding up for it, but on to the ground beyond, and rolled straight into the water. The king’s daughter followed it with her eyes, but it vanished, and the well was deep, so deep that the bottom could not be seen. At this she began to cry, and cried louder and louder, and could not be comforted. And as she thus lamented someone said to her, “What ails you, king’s daughter? You weep so that even a stone would show pity.”

She looked round to the side from whence the voice came, and saw a frog stretching forth its big, ugly head from the water. “Ah, old water-splasher, is it you,” she said, “I am weeping for my golden ball, which has fallen into the well.” “Be quiet, and do not weep,” answered the frog, “I can help you, but what will you give me if I bring your play thing up again?” “Whatever you will have, dear frog,” said she, “My clothes, my pearls and jewels, and even the golden crown which I am wearing.” The frog answered, “I do not care for your clothes, your pearls and jewels, nor for your golden crown, but if you will love me and let me be your companion and play-fellow, and sit by you at your little table, and eat off your little golden plate, and drink out of your little cup, and sleep in your little bed – if you will promise me this I will go down below, and bring you your golden ball up again.”

“Oh yes,” said she, “I promise you all you wish, if you will but bring me my ball back again.” But she thought, “How the silly frog does talk. All he does is to sit in the water with the other frogs, and croak. He can be no companion to any human being.”

But the frog when he had received this promise, put his head into the water and sank down; and in a short while came swimmming up again with the ball in his mouth, and threw it on the grass. The king’s daughter was delighted to see her pretty play thing once more, and picked it up, and ran away with it. “Wait, wait,” said the frog. “Take me with you. I can’t run as you can.” But what did it avail him to scream his croak, croak, after her, as loudly as he could. She did not listen to it, but ran home and soon forgot the poor frog, who was forced to go back into his well again.

The next day when she had seated herself at table with the king and all the courtiers, and was eating from her little golden plate, something came creeping splish splash, splish splash, up the marble staircase, and when it had got to the top, it knocked at the door and cried, “Princess, youngest princess, open the door for me.” She ran to see who was outside, but when she opened the door, there sat the frog in front of it. Then she slammed the door to, in great haste, sat down to dinner again, and was quite frightened. The king saw plainly that her heart was beating violently, and said, “My child, what are you so afraid of? Is there perchance a giant outside who wants to carry you away?”

“Ah, no,” replied she. “It is no giant but a disgusting frog.”

“What does a frog want with you?”

“Ah, dear father, yesterday as I was in the forest sitting by the well, playing, my golden ball fell into the water. And because I cried so, the frog brought it out again for me, and because he so insisted, I promised him he should be my companion, but I never thought he would be able to come out of his water. And now he is outside there, and wants to come in to me.”

In the meantime it knocked a second time, and cried, “Princess, youngest princess, open the door for me, do you not know what you said to me yesterday by the cool waters of the well. Princess, youngest princess, open the door for me.”

Then said the king, “That which you have promised must you perform. Go and let him in.” She went and opened the door, and the frog hopped in and followed her, step by step, to her chair. There he sat and cried, “Lift me up beside you.” She delayed, until at last the king commanded her to do it. Once the frog was on the chair he wanted to be on the table, and when he was on the table he said, “Now, push your little golden plate nearer to me that we may eat together.” She did this, but it was easy to see that she did not do it willingly. The frog enjoyed what he ate, but almost every mouthful she took choked her. At length he said, “I have eaten and am satisfied, now I am tired, carry me into your little room and make your little silken bed ready, and we will both lie down and go to sleep.”

The king’s daughter began to cry, for she was afraid of the cold frog which she did not like to touch, and which was now to sleep in her pretty, clean little bed. But the king grew angry and said, “He who helped you when you were in trouble ought not afterwards to be despised by you.” So she took hold of the frog with two fingers, carried him upstairs, and put him in a corner, but when she was in bed he crept to her and said, “I am tired, I want to sleep as well as you, lift me up or I will tell your father.” At this she was terribly angry, and took him up and threw him with all her might against the wall. “Now, will you be quiet, odious frog,” said she. But when he fell down he was no frog but a king’s son with kind and beautiful eyes. He by her father’s will was now her dear companion and husband. Then he told her how he had been bewitched by a wicked witch, and how no one could have delivered him from the well but herself, and that tomorrow they would go together into his kingdom.

Then they went to sleep, and the next morning when the sun awoke them, a carriage came driving up with eight white horses, which had white ostrich feathers on their heads, and were harnessed with golden chains, and behind stood the young king’s servant Faithful Henry.

Faithful Henry had been so unhappy when his master was changed into a frog, that he had caused three iron bands to be laid round his heart, lest it should burst with grief and sadness. The carriage was to conduct the young king into his kingdom. Faithful Henry helped them both in, and placed himself behind again, and was full of joy because of this deliverance. And when they had driven a part of the way the king’s son heard a cracking behind him as if something had broken. So he turned round and cried, “Henry, the carriage is breaking.”

“No, master, it is not the carriage. It is a band from my heart, which was put there in my great pain when you were a frog and imprisoned in the well.” Again and once again while they were on their way something cracked, and each time the king’s son thought the carriage was breaking, but it was only the bands which were springing from the heart of Faithful Henry because his master was set free and was happy.

The Mouse Deer and the Snail

Long times ago, all the animals living in the jungle lived peacefully. They helped each other and were friendly. The lion was the king. He governed the animals ini his kingdom in the jungle. Among the animals living in the jungle was Mouse deer. The Mouse deer was always cheerful and very confident. He was known as tricky and intelligent animal. Because of his intelligence and cleverness, the Mouse deer became conceited and over confident. He abused hs to deceive other animals.

?I?m the cleverest in the jungle. I am the best. No other animal can compare me.? ? If a person is afraid of the tiger, the crocodile or the elephant, it because they are big and fience.? ?But when they deal with me, I can always cheat them.?

The Mouse deer?s other habit is wandering. He would roam the jungle from one corner to another. He has the nerves to go anywhere. One day…………………….. ? Boy, its bad. It?s going to rain. I have to go home or otherwise I?ll get all wet.? ? It will be worse if the branches of these trees might fall on me.?

The Mouse deer ran and ran quickly, looking up to observe the clouds growing darker and darker. He did not notice there was a big hole in front af him, waiting to swallo him. And……………He plug into the hole…….. ? Oh, I am neer death!? ? Luckily, some shrubs and grass grew thick at the bottom of the hole …so it was a smooth landing.? ? But how can I get out of this hole. This hole is very deep too deep for me to reach the surface on the ground above.?

The Mouse deer tried hard to jump onto the surface but could not reach it…… Tired and hopeless, he could only rest thinking af any possible way to get out of the hole…. After long anough of waiting and trying, he eventually the sounds of heavy steps… ?What is that sound up there?? From the depth of the hole, he could see the elephant passing by……. ? Elephant ! Come here quickly !? ? Deer elephant. You?re the mighty one. I care for you. You?re good friend of mine. I must tell you that world is going to end …….? ? The sky above us is going to collapse and fall to the ground ….. Look up for yourself ! Now you can see.?

The elephant who had never noticed the sky above before suddenly felt scared….. ? The sky is really dark.? ?Look! The clouds are moving. That?s the sign that the sky is going to fall.? ?You?re right, Mouse deer! The sky is going to fall ….. But why are you hiding down there? Why dont you run and escape. Come up quickly.? ? Oh thats very kind of you tell me, deer Mouse deer. Please let me get down and join you in your hiding place. Please let me go down. I?m scared. The sky is going to fall on.? ? Well, you?re a good friend of mine. Now get down and safe yourself in this safe place.? The Elephant went down into the hole slowly. The Mouse deer moved aside to avoid his big body. ?Well well. You have to stay here. Go nowhere.? ? I?m going to go and see our friends up there, we might have to help them too, I?m going to tell them to hide here.?

The elephant obeyed and sat down. The Mouse deer leaped onto his back and up onto the ground. The elephant did not realize that the Mouse deer had played a trick on him. What a smart animal!! …… He was very happy. Only in second the Mouse deer was alredy on the ground. Witahout looking back, he ran quickly into the jungle leaving the elephant alone in the hole. The Mouse deer continued to run into the jungle because he thought that the elephant would learn that he had deceived him and would kill him…….. He suddenly stopped………… ?Oh no, there is a wide river in front, I can?t go on……? ? I?ll try to get some banana trunks to make a raft to cross the river. But, there are not any around here. How then………?? The Mouse deer was thinking of how to get to the other of the river. Not far from where he was, a group of crocodile were gathering. ?Hi friends. Isn?t it the Mouse deer over there. He usually deceives all animals in the jungle.? ? You?re right. This is time for us to catch him,? ? Yes, lets surround him.? The crocodiles dived to where the Mouse deer was standing. As soon as they get close to him, the cocodile came to the surface of the water. The Mouse deer was surprised to see the crocodile around him. ?Aha ………. it?s nice to see you again, Mouse deer.? ?Oh this is horrible, these crocodile are going to kill and eat me.? ?Mouse deer, it?s time for you to die. You have fooled us many times before. You?d better surrender.? ? Come here, and we?ll make you our meal!! There is no way you can escape. We are feasting on your meat today!!? The Mouse deer stood still. But only for a while. He could control himself again. He already found a good idea to deal with the crocodiles. ? My dear friends, the crocodiles. I?ve wanted to surrender and become your good meals. But then came my second though…? ? My thin body will not make you full …….. Now listen to me…….? ? I met a wise man yesterday, he taught me how to fatten my self. This man also gave me some parfum to make my meat smell sweet. So if you already want to eat my meat, you cam say it?s good time.? The crocodiles looked at each other. They didin?t seem to really understand what the Mouse deer had said. ? Friends, I don?t believe what the Mouse deer said. He?ll probably deceive us again this time, becareful let?s listen to what he is going to said.? ? With his magic spell, the wise man has made my body sufficient to satisfy one hunderd hungry crocodiles. For that reason, I?m going to count ypu. Please form your selves in an orderly line. Don?t worry, everyone will get my meat!? ? Come on, queue up in an orderly line! I am going to start counting you. Don?t get messy or leave the row. I?ll run away if you do !? The Crocodiles were amazed. They followed the Mouse deer?s instructions and formed a neat straight line of crocodiles stretching from one side of the river to the other. ? Are you all ready ? I can start counting now……. one two three……..? The Mouse deer jumped on the crocodiles back tactfully from one side of the river towards the other side. ? Twenty five…. twenty six….. twenty seven……. twenty eight ……… twenty nine, thirty? Dear crocodiles, you are only thirty in al. How come?? ? My meat can make one hundred crocodiles full. Where are the others?? ? Listen ! I?m in hurry. I am having a meeting wth the Lion and the Elephant. So I have to go now. Hup……? ? Good bye stupid crocodiles. Have a nice day……? ? You?ll be able to eat Mouse deer meat only if you can catch me.? When the Mouse deer had already got to the other side of the river. ? Till we meet again, greedy crocodiles !……..? ? You?ll be ale to eat my meat when you are smart enough to do it.? The Mouse deer jumped his away off the crocodiles line. ? Bad so bad. He has cheated us again!? ? I wonder how can he still be so clever.? The Mouse deer had gone far into the jungle. He could always deceive other animals. He was witty, clever, intelligent and sometimes cunning too. One day………….. The Mouse der was walking along a very clear river. ? I?am the Mouse deer ! The clever, brave and shrewd animal !? ? Hi Mouse deer, where are you going? You look very happy. You?ve been singing happily.? The Mouse der stopped singing trying to find where the soft voice had come from……… ? Well, so it was you has just talked to me !? ? How are you, little snail? I mean are you small but not cute ugly like dirt.? ? Mouse deer, every animal knows you as clever animal. But now find you conceited and humiliating too !? ? Listen every animal has its own sterngth.? ? Poor snail, tell what your sterngth is. I am already curius,? ?Mouse deer , the clever animal. Listen carefully! I defy you on a race from here to the tree near the end of the deep part of the river. Who can reach the palce first is the winner! You or I ? Do you understand ?? ? Ho ho ho ! I can easily beat you even if I walk blindfolded. I don?t have to run. Lets start now!? ? Be patient dear friend. You need to practice first to beat me in the race. Let?s do it on Sunday ! ………..? ? Ok I?ll be back on Sunday. Don?t break your promise !? The Mouse deer walked back into the jungle. ? How could the Sanil be so conceited ? What is he going to show off ? How dare he was to defy me on the race?? The brave and daring Snail had in fact very clever ideas. He gathered other snails, his friends. ? Dear friends we are going to have a race with the Mouse deer on Sunday. We are going to trick him to win this race. We are going to teach him lesson on pride. He is very proud of himself.? ? You?ll have to hide yourselves behind a stone or grass along the river. And each of us has to come up every time the Mouse deer calls. This way we can confuse him.? ? Alright, so we are waiting for the day of the race.?

The waited Sunday finally came. The Mouse deer was desperately curius to find out the Snail?s strength. He had prepared some mocking expressions to say when he won the race. ? Hi Snail ! Are you ready for the race?? ?Of course I am! We Snails always keep our promises. We can start the race ow ! We start from the point here and finish under the tree near the end of the deep part of the river.? ? You can run anywhere in between and call me. I?ll come up and answer your call. Are you ready?? ? Of course I am. I know I?ll even if I walk slowly , I don?t have to run because I?m still faster ! I can beat you with only a jump !? ? Alright we can start the race now ! One……. two………three !……? The Snail dived in the water and the Mouse deer started walking slowly towards the finish line downstream line. After a few steps the Mouse deer called Snail. ? Snail where are you ? How far are you going ?? The Snail suddenly appeared out of the water in front of him. ? Cluck cluck, hi Mouse deer I am here, in front of you. Beat me if you can !? The Mouse deer could not understand why the Snail could be faster than him. ? Hi Snail where are you now ?? ? cluck cluck ! I am here in front of you. I am a few steps ahead. Run faster to keep up with me, Mouse deer !? The Mouse deer bacame more curious. The Snail was right. He was really a head of him, now he had to run as quickly as possible. ? Oh no I can?t afford to lose this race against a small Snail, I ave to run as fast as Ican !? ? If lose this race against the Snail, all animals in the jungle will laugh at me ! They will humilliate me.? But each time the Mouse deer called the Snail, the Snail was always seen a few steps in front of him and answered his call. The Mouse deer ran with all his might when he knew that the finish line was just a few steps a head under the tree. ? Snail ! Where are you ?? The Mouse deer was totally shocked to see the Snail perching on piece of stone under the tree smiling at him. ? Wow, you?re already there !?? ? Whetever you say I am the winner ! I don?t want the prize ar bet you promised. I only want to tell you. Mouse deer dont be conceited !! Every animal has its own sterngth and weaknesses. Now you have to admit it.? After saying his words of advice and instructions the snail dived back into the river…………..

The Mouse deer was left confused and bewildered thinking about his loss. He agreed with the Snail. Every animal has its own strength and weaknesses and that over confidence and pride will destroy one?s life.

The Lion and Mouse

Once, as a lion lay sleeping in his den, a naughty little mouse ran up his tail, and onto his back and up his mane and danced and jumped on his head …

…so that the lion woke up.
lion angry and mouseThe lion grabbed the mouse and, holding him in his large claws, roared in anger. ‘How dare you wake me up! Don’t you know that I am King of the Beasts? Anyone who disturbs my rest deserves to die! I shall kill you and eat you!’

The terrified mouse, shaking and trembling, begged the lion to let him go. ‘Please don’t eat me Your Majesty! I did not mean to wake you, it was a mistake. I was only playing. Please let me go – and I promise I will be your friend forever. Who knows but one day I could save your life?’

The lion looked at the tiny mouse and laughed. ‘You save my life? What an absurd idea!’ he said scornfully. ‘But you have made me laugh, and put me into a good mood again, so I shall let you go.’ And the lion opened his claws and let the mouse go free.

‘Oh thank you, your majesty,’ squeaked the mouse, and scurried away as fast as he could.